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Barnes Landing Association

Community Rules, Guidelines & Information

Approval for New Buildings and Additions

Plans and specifications for all new buildings and any additions to existing buildings must be submitted to and approved by the Barnes Landing Association's Architectural Review Comnmittee (ARC) before the erection of any buildings or additions. This rule is part of the deeded Restrictions and Covenants established for the Barnes Landing sub-division.  PIans and specifications must also be submitted to the Town of East Hampton for their approval.

No Realtor and Other Commercial Signs

Realtor signs for selling or renting a house and other commercial signs (contractors, gardeners, pool service, etc.) are not permitted in Barnes Landing. This rule has been in place since the formation of the Association in 1958. 

Fire & Ambulance

The Amagansett Fire Department, a volunteer company, provides our fire and ambulance services.

School District

We are part of the Springs school district.

Litter Pickup

Please help keep our community appealing by picking up any litter you see discarded by the roadside and the beach area. 

East Hampton Town Rules

Visit the town government website:

Rental Registry

The Town of East Hampton recognizes that there are rising concerns and incidences of single-family residences being overcrowded, utilized as share houses, motels or other transient housing accommodations, multi-family residences and two-family residences. The Town finds that a large percentage of these incidences occur in rental properties, properties not occupied by the owner of the property.

In order to provide the Town's Public Safety Personnel with additional information to ensure compliance with legal usage of properties throughout the Town, and to protect the health, safety, and welfare of rental property occupants as well as the community at large, the Town requires more and better information and regulation of rental properties. The East Hampton Rental Registry provides information on the quantity and location of rental properties throughout the Town and also provides valuable information to Public Safety personnel in ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Town Code.

Click here to visit East Hampton town website for more information and application forms.

Leaf Blowing Law

In May 2021, East Hampton Town enacted a seasonal ban on gas-powered leaf blowers.  No landscaper, homeowner, business owner, or municipal employee shall operate any gas or diesel-powered leaf blower from May 20 to September 20 of any year.  No leaf blower of any type may be operated on a Sunday between May 20 and September 20 of any year.

Click here to read the law and understand the rules of the Registry as well as to view the fines issued for violations.

Clearing & Revegetation

The Town of East Hampton has been a leader in the preservation of open space and has enacted clearing laws on properties, to protect the health of our harbors and bays, to protect our aquifer that is our sole source for our drinking water and to help preserve the rural characteristics of the town.

Click here to read more about the East Hampton Town Codes for homeowners

Outdoor Lighting Law

New Outdoor Lighting Law For Our Homes explains the rules for outdoor lighting in order to promote safety, prevent light trespass and preserve our rural character can be found at the East Hampton Town offices.

Pickup After Your Dog

You are required to pickup after your dog year-round on the beach and paths leading to the beach.  Burying or covering up after your dog with sand is prohibited.

Print out the Community Guidelines to have as a reference for yourself or for renters here.

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