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Barnes Landing Association

Privacy Policy

Last updated: Jan 1,2023


Barnes Landing Association (BLA) is a beach community in Eastern Long Island on the shores of Gardiner’s Bay. We have been a membership organization for residents in Barnes Landing since 1958. Our purpose is to promote, to maintain and to foster among our residents good fellowship, cooperation and interest in civic, social, and neighborhood affairs. We assist local authorities in the resolution of problems affecting the area, and in furnishing services and improvements for the benefit of our residents. We seek to preserve and to enhance the appearance of the community, to promote its general welfare, and to do anything related to these things, but not for profit.

Collection, use and disclosure of personal information

The personal information collected by BLA is limited to contact information (i.e., name(s), BLA residence address, mailing address, email(s), phone number(s)).  We need to collect this information in order maintain contact with our members in the case of emergencies.  In addition, we use this information in conjunction with membership status and payment history in order to provide updates to our community about activities, events and benefits available exclusively to our members (i.e. kayak/paddleboard storage and access to the BLA private parking lot). 

We want to assure you that the information you share with us is strictly confidential and will only be used for BLA business purposes, such as, community news, events, announcements, board member elections, dues payment reminders or other BLA related information.  We promise to limit the email frequency and keep the content related only to BLA specific content.  We do not EVER sell or share this information with any third parties.  Your personal information would only be disclosed to the extent required by or in response to a specific legal action.

Giving consent for others

By activating your membership through the BLA website you are giving your consent to BLA to access your personal information.  As coordinator for your household membership you are also giving consent to BLA to access the personal information you provide for any additional household members on your account and any guests you may register for BLA events or activities.

Third-parties applications

BLA will inform members if we share any personal data with third-party applications and confirm with any third parties that they are prepared to respond to data requests from BLA members.  For example, annual dues payments made via credit card transactions are processed through a third-party payment gateway.  

We have arrangements with WildApricot Inc. ( under which they act as a payment gateway for our members to finalize and pay for their purchases.  You will provide your credit/debit card and/or financial institution account information directly to the payment gateway or processor through a secure API tunnel and is not accessible to or collected by us. The applicable payment gateway/processor’s privacy policy will apply to the information you provide to them.

Contact us

BLA members can contact us with requests to change or delete their personal information.

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