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Barnes Landing Association

The Barnes Landing Association was incorporated in March, 1958, as a membership organization under the Laws of New York State. The Articles of Incorporation state:

The purpose of this association is to promote, maintain and foster among the residents of the area, good fellowship, cooperation and interest in civic and neighborhood affairs. To assist local authorities in the resolution of problems affecting the area and in the furnishing of services and improvements for the benefit of the residents of the area. To preserve and enhance the appearance of the community, to promote its general welfare, and to do any other act incidental to, or connected with the foregoing objects or in advancement thereof, but not for profit.

The meeting house, located at the intersection of Waters Edge and Barnes Hole Road, was the original sales office for purchasing property in Barnes Landing in the 1950-60s. The building belongs to the Association, and has had many recent improvements. The building, the surrounding beaches, the lookout deck and the staircase are all maintained through payment of annual dues.

Over the years, the Barnes Landing Board of Directors has overseen the neighborhood and used forethought and planning to fit the needs for the best use of our joint facilities. The recent installation of a kayak/paddle board rack is one example.  A new nature trail, developed with the East Hampton Trail Society, is another recent addition.

We enjoy seeing seeing the widest possible participation of our members sharing of knowledge and ideas, and cooperation from all of our community. We hope that the Barnes Landing Association can remain a forum for expressing and carrying out the will of all property owners in Barnes Landing. We believe it is to the interest of every homeowner to come along and take part in the Association.

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