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Barnes Landing Association

The Barnes Landing Association is a homeowners' beach community in Eastern Long Island on the shores of Gardiner's Bay. We have been a membership organization for residents in Barnes Landing since 1958.

The Association maintains a number of commonly held properties for members use: private beach parking near Barnes Landing beach, an iconic meeting house close to the beach;  a lookout with stairs and seating on Waters Edge; a nature trail created in cooperation with the East Hampton Trail Society.

Numerous social and civic events are held during the season. Our purpose is to promote, to maintain and to foster among our residents good fellowship, cooperation and interest in civic, social, and neighborhood affairs. We have an active membership, with many participants for all of our events. 

We also assist local authorities in the resolution of problems affecting the area, and in furnishing services and improvements for the benefit of our residents. Beach erosion has been a focus; every spring we hold a beach grass planting event.

The Association seeks to preserve and to enhance the appearance of the community, to promote its general welfare, and to do anything related to these things, but not for profit. We encourage new ideas for events from members, and we welcome new residents to Barnes Landing and hope to see you at one of our events.

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