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Barnes Landing Association

General Information


It was a horse and carriage that made it possible for a man with vision to assemble Barnes Landing from fourteen different parcels in 1907. That man was William B. Codling, a pioneer real estate developer in Suffolk County at the turn of the century. Beginning in 1952 and into the 1960's, his daughter, Helen Codling Halsted, developed what is now Barnes Landing. In 1958, the Barnes Landing Association was formed by the early home owners in the community as they worked with Mrs. Halsted to set aside and preserve the common properties of the Association - for the use and benefit of property owners in Barnes Landing. Barnes Landing is a community of 250 property owners and 220 acres.

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The objectives of the Barnes Landing Association, a not for profit organization, are:

  • to protect the home owners in Barnes Landing, the common properties of the Association, and to preserve and protect the natural resources and recreational advantages of the area.
  • to foster and maintain among the residents good fellowship, cooperation, and interest in civic and social affairs.

The Association operates under a constitution and a set of bylaws.

Membership Dues

By virtue of the deed to your property,  you are a part owner of the common property of the Barnes Landing Association. Your annual dues payment is required in order for the Association to meet its obligations of protecting and enhancing the community in general and individual homeowners like yourself.  Dues are collected primarily for the insurance, maintenance, and preservation of the the Association common property.  All property owners in Barnes Landing are eligible for membership in the Association. The mandatory membership fee for calendar year 2024 is $200 per property.
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General Meetings

Regular meetings during the season are held to discuss the business of the Association and to offer an opportunity for residents to voice questions and comments about the neighborhood. Three general meetings are held between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend at the Barnes Landing Association building.  Notice of meeting dates appear in the Association calendar and are posted around Barnes Landing a few days before a meeting. It is important that all property owners in Barnes Landing attend meetings to maintain and protect our common interests in the community and to act as a unified voice in town affairs.

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Barnes Landing Association Properties

The Association owns and maintains the following for the common use of property owners in Barnes Landing:

Private Beach

A pristine bathing beach and meeting place for members. The beach fronts on Gardiners Bay and runs north (to the left of) Barnes Hole Road approximately 380 feet. A beach kayak rack for approximately forty kayaks is a recent addition for members.

Private Beach Parking Lot

At the corner of Barnes Hole Road and Waters Edge, with an entrance on Beachway - for the exclusive use of Barnes Landing property owners and their guests.  When parking in the lot,  members and their guests must display a copy of their membership id card on the dashboard (access your member profile page for printable card link).  Parking on Barnes Hole Road end is managed by the town of East Hampton - visit the town website for more info on beach parking stickers.

Administrative / Social Building

A single room building the iconic "meeting house" is used for general meetings of the Association and social gatherings - at the northeast corner of Barnes Hole Road and Waters Edge. 

Gardiners Bay Overlook

Access to the overlook is via a short footpath from the corner of Waters Edge and Captains Walk.  There you will find a panoramic view of Gardiners Bay,  Gardiners Island and Napeague, from an elevation of approximately 80 feet above sea level.  There is a small seating area, and stairs that lead down to the beach.  A sign near the footpath that identifies the overlook location. There is no street parking there.

Accabonac Harbor Parcel

1.6 acres of wetlands on Accabonac Harbor opposite the corner of Louse Point Road and Lookout Lane. This parcel features a nesting osprey platform and is currently managed under a cooperative agreement with the Nature Conservancy.

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