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Barnes Landing Association

What Your Dues Pay for:

By virtue of your property deed in the Barnes Landing subdivision, you are a part owner of the common property of the Barnes Landing Association. This property encompasses:

  1. The private beach that runs north (to the left of) Barnes Hole Road for 380 feet.
  2. The community building on Waters Edge and Barnes Hole Rd.
  3. The private beach parking lot on Beachway.
  4. The Gardiners’ Bay overlook and stairway down the bluff at Waters Edge and Captains Walk.
  5. A 1.6 acre parcel on Accabonac Harbor opposite the corner of Louse Point Road and Lookout Lane, tenanted by ospreys in the summer, and managed by the Nature Conservancy.

Through your annual dues, the Association fulfills its charter to protect and enhance the Barnes Landing community. Dues are used to pay important expenses such as liability and fire insurance on the Barnes Landing building, the maintenance of our common property, communications by the Board of Directors to the membership, as well as for social events. Your dues preserve these community assets and improve the appearance of our neighborhood, thereby enhancing the value of your property. The Association also represents our community’s interests in Town Affairs. Membership entitles you to vote at general meetings on matters affecting Barnes Landing.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding dues please contact Barnes Landing Association at the email address at the bottom of this page.

The Barnes Landing Association Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers who are your neighbors.  They give their time to ensure that our community stays in the great condition that it has been in for years.

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